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My Traveling Experience

There are so many places for me to visit, virtually the whole world. Even the one that I visit frequently is the one that I will always see something new because time doesn’t stand still as we are continually changing. This is very much like reading a book. When you read it more than once you will come across those tiny detail that you overlook from the first time or second and so forth.

I have been traveling international, mostly for business, since I was 15 years old. The reason why it is mostly business because my mom is a travel agent and we attended fam trip which is for a travel agent to visit the resort for site inspections. I also travel to visit friend and family for vacation. Nowadays, I go on behalf of my mother since there are the times that she can’t attend and location that she can’t visit due to altitude level.

Want me to write about it?

If you want me to visit your hotel or even a restaurant to write about it, I love food and sweet hand down. I always take photos of the food I eat. But sometimes, the food is that good that I forgot to take a photo. So, I took the picture after I ate. Sorry! It is just that good. Then I would be more than happy to do so.



Close the Deal

I know how important it is to travel and wanted to know everything so that you can’t miss all the excitement. I will do my utmost best to share my traveling experience with you. Well, to the best of my knowledge because it has been awhile. I need to dig through my files to get photos so I can share it with my lovely reader, such as yourself. Did I forget to mention that I am a deaf person? Well, now you know.


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