Our Traveling Experience

This blog will show case our traveling experience and to other potential next destination. Click below when you ready to book your next one.


Welcome to my site! As it stated, let the journey begin.

My name is Veronica, who will be the one that does the blogging part. I am the daughter part of the family-owned business Dreammakers by Cuty & Veronica LLC which is the combination of travel and event. Under event part which includes wedding, anniversary, family reunion, group, you name it.

I do have the passion for traveling, photographing beautiful places and writing. So I think this fits the bill right here. I also enjoy good local food and sweet because that would maximize my traveling and photography skill thus far.

So sit back and enjoy reading our traveling experience. Also, we do have a travel service business http://www.dreammakerswedding.com where we do the travel planning from single to couple getaways to group to where ever you want to go. So turn that dream into a goal with the simple tips: save, save, and save.


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